Exchange magazine on HIV and AIDS, Sexuality and Gender

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Exchange magazine on HIV and AIDS, Sexuality and Gender

Announcement: The Exchange magazine will no longer be published.

Dear reader,
In 1988, the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) started the quarterly publication of the World Heath Organization’s Global Programme on AIDS.
This newsletter has evolved over the last 25 years and has been published in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese and is currently published as the Exchange on HIV and AIDS, Sexuality and Gender in co-operation with the Southern African HIV and AIDS Information Service (SAfAIDS).
Evaluations have frequently indicated the success of the magazine, which is widely accessed in print and electronic versions. Literally millions of copies have been passed from hand-to-hand to share knowledge on HIV prevention, thanks to the financial support by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
It is with much regret, therefore, that the Royal Tropical Institute has to announce that the current issue will be the last in the series. This decision has been made because, after 25 years of support, the Ministry has stopped funding the publication, and we have unfortunately been unable to find a new sponsor.
The last and past issues of the newsletter will continue to be available on
I would like to thank SAfAIDS for the fruitful co-operation we have had over the years and Eliezer F. Wangulu, the managing editor of our publication, the guest editors and contributors and of course our readers for their confidence in our magazine.
I sincerely hope that you will be able to share information from other sources and wish you a healthy future and continued success in your invaluable work.
Best regards,
Hans van Hartevelt
Director of KIT Information & Library Services

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Exchange-magazine discontinued

The last issue (2013-1) and past issues of the newsletter are accessible at