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Rapid test for the serodiagnosis of acute canine leptospirosis

T.H. Abdoel, D.J. Houwers, A.M. van Dongen, A.A. Adesiyun, L. Cardoso, S.M. Suepaul, A. Ortega-Pacheco, H.L. Smits

Acute leptospirosis in dogs – Weil’s disease – is a lifethreatening condition with zoonotic potential and which requires laboratory testing for accurate diagnosis. We report the development and evaluation of the first – patient side diagnostic test for acute canine leptospirosis which is based on the detection of Leptospira-specific immunoglobulin M antibodies. For serum samples from dogs with laboratory confirmed acute leptospirosis from the Netherlands the sensitivity was 100% (95% Confidence interval [CI], 76.7–100). The specificity was 95.3% (95% CI, 88.8–98.3) and all positive control dogs had a history of recent vaccination.

In: Veterinary Microbiology, 2011,  p. 211-213