Gender and Health

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Gender and Health

12 December 2006

How do current efforts aimed at improving women's health contribute to achieving the Millennium goals? This is the question addressed by Gender and Health: Policy and Practice. A Global Sourcebook. This new KIT publication offers insight into the influence of gender roles on the health of women and men.

Particular attention is paid to health needs and rights, as well as to improving equal access to healthcare. Besides case studies from Malawi, Ethiopia, Argentina, South Africa and Brazil, the book also contains an extensive bibliography of summaries of printed and online publications.

Gender and Health: Policy and Practice. A Global Sourcebook is the 9th publication in the series Gender, Society & Development, jointly published by KIT Publishers and Oxfam UK. The book is the result of close collaboration between the KIT departments of Information & Library Services and Development, Policy & Practice. KIT health specialists Anke van der Kwaak and Madeleen Wegelin were guest editors, with the assistance of gender expert Maitrayee Mukhopadhyay.