50 years improving health around the globe


KIT Master in public health celebrates golden anniversary

Last year an international group of 43 health experts started a journey for life. They entered the fiftieth edition of the Master of Public Health/International Course in Health Development at KIT. On Thursday September 4th that journey comes to an end: its graduation time.

Golden anniversary

For half a century KIT has invited Health professionals from around the world to share and improve their skills in public health. Over 900 doctors, nurses, program managers and employees from national and local ministries of health, ngo’s and training or research institutions have spent a year in Amsterdam. Male and female, from Liberia to China, Uganda or Afghanistan, they have all come, joined with the same ambition: improving people’s health and increasing people’s access to high quality and affordable health care. The International Course in Health Development (ICHD) was established in 1963. The ICHD is now given in collaboration with the Free University of Amsterdam (VU), is NVAO accredited and leads to a Master of Public Health degree.

Breaking taboo’s

The Master program responds to current developments in the health field in the world and teaches people to formulate answers that fit their own context and health system. It is known for the practical applicability of the curriculum, the multidisciplinary approach and interactive, participatory learning methods that draws upon their own experiences. But it is more than that. KIT is known for tackling taboos and bringing attention to the needs of vulnerable groups in society that are often missed in health policy and health programs. The track in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights addresses both policy and interventions in sexual health, maternal health, adolescent health and addresses gender and rights based approaches. The track in HIV/AIDS addresses the need to offer health services to migrants, sex workers and homosexual individuals, marginalized groups whose needs and rights are often overseen.

Team effort

Prisca Zwanikken, director KIT training: “KIT is proud to contribute to the training of future leaders in health and health care in low and middle income countries. However, what makes our Masters’ special is not just the education we offer to our students. It is very much the product of experienced and passionate health professionals, both students and tutors that make this year such a success. Students get access to knowledge and methods from all over the world, and this network and experience will last after they leave our classrooms and return home. A recent study showed that KIT graduates see their career prosper. Some returned to become a manager in regional public health office or an ngo, some joined international organisations like the WHO and others took up senior positions in their ministry of Health. And many of them pass the knowledge on, start research and they additionally take up teaching positions in medical faculties.”

Join us!

KIT celebrates its fifty year anniversary and the graduationand you are very welcome to join us.
When: on September 4th, from 15.00 – 18.00
Location: Main Hall (Grote Zaal), KIT, Mauritskade 63.

With special guests Reina Buijs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands), prof. Guy Kegels (Antwerpen, Belgium) and prof. Jacqueline Broerse (VU, Amsterdam)
Press is cordially invited to join the ceremony and there are opportunities to meet and interview some of our graduates.