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About us

KIT is a knowledge institute, business location and hospitality venue with a mission: to contribute to an inclusive and sustainable world. From our campus in Amsterdam and through our global partner network, we enable people and communities to bring about positive change.

KIT Institute is an independent knowledge institute. The work of our experts focuses on global health, gender equality and sustainable economic development. The institute offers various education programmes, including a Master’s programme in International Health.

KIT’s landmark building is a sought-after office location. We share our building with a thriving KIT Community of more than 1,000 people working for an inclusive and sustainable world. Part of the building is available for conferences and events provided by our hospitality company KIT Events.

Our campus also houses KIT Hotel, which is currently being renovated, and KIT Live: a stage for art and culture equipped with two dance and music studios, a theatre, a podcast studio, and a café.

Our Values

We are guided by a set of values that define our relationship with clients, partners, employees and the community in which we operate. They are Sustainability, Inclusiveness, Transparency and Independence.


All our decisions and operations are guided by sustainability. By sustainability we mean development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and therefore takes a long term perspective.


At KIT we empower and promote the social, economic and political inclusion of all people. Our approach to sustainable development is also founded on the principle of inclusion. Our experience shows that in any change process, all actors need to be consulted and included from the outset in order for progress to be sustained.


Our organisation is guided by transparency. We strive to exchange all the information required for successful collaboration, decision-making and accountability.


KIT is independent. We act according to our own values and judgement, not coloured by religion, politics, ethnicity or the influence of any group or class.


KIT MAG: an annual magazine packed with stories about our activities, at our campus in Amsterdam and with partners worldwide.

Browse the magazine online or take a copy with you when you visit KIT (at the reception).