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Working at KIT

KIT offers a vibrant and unique international environment for purpose-driven people working towards sustainable development to identify synergies, create solution partnerships, and stimulate knowledge development.

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Current vacancies
  • Fundraiser gifts and legacies

    • Vacancy

    Do you want to make an impact that really counts? At KIT, we are passionate about transforming healthcare around the world. Our programs, including the prestigious Master in Public Health & Health Equity, attract health professionals from around the world to Amsterdam every year. But with the demise of the Nuffic OKP program, we need […]

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  • Senior Finance & Control employee

    • Vacancy

    As a Finance & Control employee (32-40 hours), you will play a crucial role in keeping our financial processes running efficiently. We care not only about your experience, but especially about your willingness to grow. With an informal work atmosphere, flexible working hours and plenty of room for personal and professional growth, you will have […]

    Published on:
  • Electrical engineer/technical staff

    • Vacancy

    Are you a passionate electrical engineer and ready to take the next step towards leadership? You’ll start as a valuable member of our team, with the opportunity to grow into a leadership role within a few years. Find the rest of this vacancy on the Dutch version of our website – either by changing the […]

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Ask our HR-team

Our values

KIT is a multi-faceted and international organisation that brings together people with different professional and cultural backgrounds. This diversity creates an inspiring work environment, where staff look beyond their own areas of specialisation to foster collaboration, internally and externally. Our employees are passionate professionals who apply a business mindset in order to achieve idealistic goals. It’s a rare opportunity that KIT staff value highly.

KIT employs people from a wide variety of professional and cultural backgrounds. Of its 130 employees, 80 regularly conduct short or long-term missions.

KIT’s leadership is guided by a set of values that define our relationship with clients, partners, employees and the community in which we operate. They are Sustainability, Inclusiveness, Transparency and Independence.

Working Conditions

KIT supports the personal and professional development of its staff and the achievement of work-life balance. A full-time contract is for 40 hours a week, and the number of contract hours and work schedule vary per person. KIT also supports virtual working for extra flexibility.

Salary, leave, holiday pay and pension

Holidays are determined by the number of hours in your employment contract. Full-time employees are entitled to at least 24 days plus additional hours based on age, public holidays and the option to work towards an extra 12 days’ leave annually.

Employee salaries are set out in KIT’s CAO (collective work agreement) based on criteria such as age, experience and knowledge. Employees receive an additional 8% holiday pay on top of their gross monthly salary.

Employees are covered by a pension agreement with the Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds (ABP).

Development and education

We are committed to investing in the professional and personal development of our employees and provide our employees with ample opportunities to do so.

Travel allowance

Employees receive an allowance for the costs of commuting. The amount reimbursed is based on their door-to-door mileage. Employees who travel by public transport every day are eligible for partial reimbursement of public transportation fees.

Why KIT?

KIT is an international community of professionals who are working to make the world more sustainable. Working alongside international colleagues with diverse and complementary backgrounds, at KIT you have access to a wealth of cultural and scientific knowledge and the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to positive and lasting change. Below are some testimonials from KIT employees on how they view and feel about their work.

KIT’s leadership is guided by a set of values that define our relationship with clients, partners, employees and the community in which we operate. They are Sustainability, Inclusiveness, Transparency and Independence.

If sustainable development is important to you too, and you have knowledge or expertise that is relevant to our organisation, we’d like to hear from you.

Apply to work at KIT

Are you passionate about working in the fields in which KIT operates? And do you meet the requirements specified in the job description? Then we would like to hear from you!

Use the online application form to apply for open positions. The link to the form can be found in the job description. Select the job that you are applying for and complete the required information.

Based on your CV and cover letter, we will determine whether you qualify for the position and would fit in an organisation like KIT. Is there something we should know that isn’t covered in your letter or CV? Please describe this briefly in the notes section.

After submitting your application, you will automatically receive a confirmation. We will do our best to get back to you within two weeks of receiving your application.


Check out our current vacancies.


KIT’s internship programme offers students an opportunity to gain work experience and increase their employment prospects. Internships are available for students enrolled either in academic or vocational training programmes.

KIT’s internship can be found on our advertised vacancies and Social Media. Please attach a CV, a cover letter and the training period required when applying to these vacancies.

Open applications

Please respond only to currently advertised vacancies. Given the high volume of job applications we receive, we cannot process unsolicited applications.

Convinced that we need to hear from you? Follow us on social media, such as TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn or contact our recruitment team.