Closing of KIT Biomedical Research

Sorry, the page you were looking for doesn’t exist anymore. This is because of the closing of KIT Biomedical Research. Here you will find more information.

The Executive Board of KIT made the difficult decision to close the laboratory of KIT Biomedical Research. The laboratory was in service of various research clusters within KIT Biomedical Research. These clusters financed their scientific research with grants from research funders or grants won in competition. This however did not generate sufficient income to break-even. In recent years, KIT has tried to realise additional streams of revenue to cover the costs of operating the laboratory in a cost effective way. Unfortunately in the time frame given this proved not possible.

However, we are pleased that a number of activities will be continued:

Unfortunately, we were not able to continue the activities of the Tuberculosis group. If you like to know more about the work of the Tuberculosis group, please contact expert Richard Anthony: