BLOG: Learning from Experiential Performance-Based Financing Knowledge in Burundi and Cameroon


In order to surface experiential knowledge, KIT developed a methodology to facilitate a structured analysis of experiences during a one-week ‘capitalization write-shop’.

KIT Health advisors Jurrien Toonen and Christel Jansen used this methodology for an assignment from the World Bank. They were asked to identify interesting approaches, experiences and results from the Performance-Based Financing (PBF) programs and projects from Burundi and Cameroon that the World should know about. This needed to be documented and then shared with global audiences.

The aim of these write-shops was to facilitate the identification, analysis and documentation of experiences, practices, lessons learned, and promising experiments in the field of PBF. At the same time, each write-shop also facilitated the participants’ knowledge-sharing amongst each other and critically reflect on each other’s experiences – with the ultimate “reward” in delivering a publication produced collaboratively.

Six new PBF publications

With the help of the KIT Health advisors six publications were developed. Those case studies has strengthened analysis and dialogue on PBF implementation in both countries, and can also inform dialogue on PBF in other countries. Some are policy papers, some are case studies, and some are articles.

Read the full blog and download the six publications