BLOG: Militarism and violence against women in Somalia


Egbert Sondorp, senior Health Advisor at KIT is currently working in Somalia. Working in fragile and post-conflict states, Egbert travels a lot and observes interesting developments

High ambitions

Egbert: “Last week I came across this billboard in Puntland in Somalia. It portrays high ambitions in wanting to challenge militarism and end violence against women. Well, at least this autonomous part of Somalia as well as its neighbour, self-declared independent Somaliland show increasing stability and security, an essential first step. Unlike the part of Somalia around the capital of Mogadishu, which is still very unstable”.

“The goal of my mission was less ambitious, but nevertheless aims to contribute to the delivery of an essential package of health services to all Somali people. The various Ministries of Health do not have the capacity to do this themselves, but might increasingly have the capacity to play a role in  contracting international and local NGOs to perform this task. This will require a substantial increase in public health knowledge for Ministry of Health staff. KIT hopes to continue to contribute to build this capacity.”

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