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Becoming more sustainable with the help of toilet paper

In the Netherlands, a clean toilet is the most normal thing in the world. Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere. One third of the world’s population does not have access to a toilet. These people have to find a place somewhere in the open air, with all of the unsanitary and unsafe situations that it entails. Girls are at risk of being attacked by men and diarrhea and other diseases are lurking. That is why KIT Royal Tropical Institute purchases its toilet paper from The Good Roll, a social enterprise that is concerned about the fate of these less fortunate people.

One hundred percent recycled toilet paper

Large organisations use an enormous amount of toilet paper. Therefore, it is worth considering where you buy your rolls. The Good Roll supplies toilet rolls made from one hundred percent recycled paper, without chlorine, colours or fragrances. Using recycled toilet paper reduces tree felling, water consumption and CO2 emissions. But The Good Roll does even more: together with Simavi’s partners, it invests fifty percent of its net profits in the construction of safe and clean toilets in East Africa.

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Matching missions

The mission of The Good Roll fits in seamlessly with that of KIT. “Their goals are completely in line with what we do,” says Head of KIT Operations Louis van den Berghe, “We subscribe to both the ecological and social importance of their mission. Clean and safe toilets are essential for public health, an aspect that we at KIT deal with on a daily basis. Because of this, we chose The Good Roll. The paper is of excellent quality and no more expensive than ‘normal’ toilet paper. As you can see: only benefits.”


In the context of World Toilet Day (November 19), The Good Roll issued a special Impact Check. This check shows which sustainable goals KIT achieved in two months by using the toilet paper from The Good Roll. World Toilet Day draws attention to the global toilet crisis. Access to clean water and good sanitation for everyone in 2030 is one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. Director of KIT Hospitality, Ineke Noordhoek, is also satisfied. “We have only been working with The Good Roll for two months, but we have already saved 33 trees, built four toilets and helped 200 people.”