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KIT offers classrooms to Stichting Studiezalen

Beginning this school year, KIT is working together with Stichting Studiezalen to make KIT’s classrooms a new location for Studiezalen in Amsterdam Oost. Studiezalen is an organization that is committed to offering young people in underprivileged neighbourhoods in Amsterdam homework guidance and a space to learn and develop. At KIT, we strongly believe in the importance of good and high-quality education for everyone, and that is what Stichting Studiezalen is committed to delivering.

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Every year, more than 200 international students follow public health courses with us. The classrooms, meeting places and break rooms that they use during the day now will now be available for Stichting Studiezalen to use in the evening.

Cooperation with Studiezalen

Stichting Studiezalen has 41 locations in underprivileged neighbourhoods in Amsterdam and Zaandam, where they offer homework assistance. Young people, who often come from large families and live in small houses, and who have a large gap in their learning or are facing other problems, can come to Studiezalen locations to learn. Studiezalen not only offers these young people a safe and peaceful place to study in their own neighbourhood but also somewhere they can also talk to counsellors about any personal issues they may be facing. Studiezalen does much more than just tutoring, it also helps young people with talent development and life coaching.

“Sustainability is not only about taking good care of our planet, but also about taking good care of each other,” says Louis van den Berghe, KIT’s CFO, “This fantastic initiative is fully in line with our sustainability ambitions and goals and so we are very pleased that we can make our classrooms available.”

The Importance of Education

Sustainability Development Goal 4 calls on us to ensure equal access to quality education and promote lifelong learning for all. Studiezalen’s approach to improving the quality of education in underprivileged neighbourhoods in Amsterdam fits well with achieving this goal and KIT’s vision. We believe in the importance of education and inclusion so that everyone has the same opportunity to grow and thrive. Through this collaboration, we hope to make a positive contribution to achieving this goal in Amsterdam.

More information about Stichting Studiezalen can be found on their website,