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The Tropentuin

Located in our courtyard, the Tropentuin, has been home to a neighbourhood vegetable garden since 2018. There are 20 vegetable garden boxes, a herb garden, a greenhouse, and even a worm hotel. The garden is nurtured by a diverse group of local residents, KIT employees and members of SDG House who built the boxes from recycled materials. Every year, enthusiastic gardeners get to work to create a plot full of homegrown vegetables, fruit and herbs.

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Throughout the year, various activities are organized in the garden, such as the monthly ‘Gardening in the Tropics’. In the workshops, the participants not only learn more about gardening but also get to know each other.

The Tropentuin is also worth a visit if you don’t have a plot! You can pick herbs in our native herb garden or trade a cutting in the cutting library. The coaching workshops are also open to everyone, so you can roll up your sleeves with the residents and get your hands dirty sowing heritage beans or maintaining the herb garden.

The Tropentuin is an initiative of De Gezonde Stad, KIT and SDG House. De Gezonde Stad, a foundation committed to a healthy and sustainable Amsterdam, is responsible for the organization and implementation.