Good for events, events for good

Organising an Event at KIT?

A former regent’s seat to chair your meeting. A majestic room to host the most tasteful dinner. Marble surroundings for a beautiful event. KIT Royal Tropical Institute offers the versatile location for classic and modern events alike. The building has always been impressive, from the moment it opened its doors in 1926 until today. After almost a century, the unique structure is still considered as one of the icons of Amsterdam.

At the department Conferences & Events we are responsible for all gatherings that are held at our venue. From an intimate conversation between two people up to a spectacular party for 900 guests; we organise the entire story. But there is more. Are you organising an event with us? Not only are you assured a memorable day in a fabulous location, you are taking steps to support social entrepreneurship. How exactly? Our profits go towards the benefit of KIT’s knowledge projects, aimed at creating a sustainable future worldwide.