About Conferences & Events

Mission and vision

As part of a knowledge institute KIT Royal Tropical Institute’s Conferences & Events values a sustainable future. We invest our profits into KIT’s projects aimed at improving gender equality, sustainable economic development, and good health care worldwide. Our sustainable identity is also reflected in the daily choices we make concerning partnerships, suppliers, materials, products and catering.

A sustainable approach

We strive to successfully organise our conferences and events in a sustainable way. This means incorporating a sustainable approach in all aspects of our business with our employees, customers, guests and partners. We seamlessly fold this sustainability focus into a warm and hospitable approach ensuring that our guests have a wonderful experience in our venue.

Customers and guests come first

Above all, we are experts in the field of hospitality. We offer a high standard of service in which the needs of our customers and guests come first. While working with our clients, we are happy to take on the role of adviser. With a high level of commitment and personal touch, we take the journey with our clients to skillfully translate your wishes into a well organised, memorable gathering.

SDG House

With KIT, we are housed in the SDG House: a community of organisations, entrepreneurs, scientists and NGOs that work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Are you looking for a speaker, sparring or knowledge partner? We will happily connect you with the relevant parties that are part of the SDG House. Whether it is a scientist from KIT, an innovative entrepreneur from the Impact Hub, a Prakken D’Oliveira lawyer or a spokesman for Fairfood—we can help you.