Sustainable Economic Development

As a knowledge institute, KIT Royal Tropical Institute compiles, analyses and develops new knowledge on sustainable economic development. We conduct front-runner research on rising global issues such as food security, youth employment, value chain development in the agricultural sector, and financial inclusion. 

This enables us to broker grounded and actionable knowledge as advice to public and private sector organisations. It also enables us to bring together different development actors to support collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation. Together, this helps to improve the impact of a diversity of economic development activities.

We focus on the intersection of policy and practice in economic development

The combination of our team’s content expertise and process-related skills not only leads to better projects. It also builds competencies in project design, implementation and management.

Our support is tailor-made to the needs and context of our partners and clients. We build on their resources and knowledge, mission and values to ensure that our advice is aligned with existing initiatives, has policy relevance, and is adapted to the local context. Our approach is practical and based on action learning.

We operate at the intersection of theory and practice and between policy and implementation, translating good intentions into meaningful social and economic impact. Our professional staff combine expertise in specific content areas with the ability to offer a diverse suite of advisory services, including policy and programme design and implementation, evaluation and impact assessment, capacity building through coaching, and knowledge management. This experience enables our advisors to navigate sustainable change processes and identify elements that can make a difference in development programme performance. We help governments, organisations and businesses to learn from their experiences, improve practice, and maximize the impact of their interventions.

Agricultural Innovation

At KIT Royal Tropical Institute, our expertise in research, training, and teaching helps create novel solutions for agricultural problems. 

Agribusiness Advisory Services

KIT has launched its own programme to provide customised support to agribusinesses to strengthen the efficiency, impact, and economic viability of their services.

Inclusive Food Systems

At KIT Royal Tropical Institute, we specialise in improving the understanding of the ways in which agriculture and health contribute to better nutrition outcomes.

Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship

At KIT Royal Tropical Institute, we create new incentives and opportunities for youth employment and entrepreneurship in rural economies.

Gender & Agriculture

KIT Royal Tropical Institute combines expertise in gender and agriculture to address gender-based inequalities in the agricultural sector, while looking specifically at the men and women ‘left behind’ in agricultural development research, policy and practice.

Financial Inclusion

At KIT Royal Tropical Institute we promote financial inclusion in both the private and public sectors.

We support development finance institutions, commercial banks, funds, and impact investors to shape their offerings and value proposition for women, youth and smallholders.

Responsible Business Conduct

We help businesses and their partners to better understand and address the impacts of their operations across global value chains. We emphasise responsible business conduct (RBC) as a means for organisations to move beyond ‘doing no harm’ to proactively contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.