Green Buildings Congress 2018

The CFP Green Buildings Congress took place on 13th September at KIT Royal Tropical Institute, uniting attendees under the global theme: ‘We are the World’.

In keeping with the theme—and for the second time in a row—the Innovation Challenge Award saw 40 start-ups and renowned parties presenting state-of-the-art concepts, products and ideas that specifically contribute to the sustainability of buildings. Several key note speakers attended the event: Business Woman of the Year Aukje Kuypers; Katja Schuurman—who spoke about her foundation Return to Sender; philosopher Ruud Veltenaar; and Masai leader in Kenya Ezekiel Katato. The interview below presents a behind-the-scenes snap-shot of organising the day.

“Everyone was wowed on arrival and was positively surprised.”

Rianne Doornink, Business Developer  CFP Green Buildings


Rianne Doornink, Business Developer CFP Green Buildings

Why did you choose to host your event at KIT Royal Tropical Institute?

“KIT is a unique, appealing and special location. The space is perfect for us because there is a plenary room where all guests could go at the same time, and different break-out rooms for the different program components. In addition, KIT was a good match with our congress and fitted in perfectly with our theme, because KIT is an Sustainable Development Goal house and sustainability was the central theme of our congress.”

Did the characteristics of the location add to the atmosphere of your event?

“The conference had a unique and special atmosphere because of the location and the unique details in the building. It impresses visitors. Everyone was wowed on arrival and was positively surprised.”

What was the collaboration with the Conferences & Events team like?

“The collaboration went very well. We thought about the preparation and the course of the day. Nothing was an issue, couldn’t be arranged or was  too complicated. Appointments were always well coordinated and communicated. On the day itself there was one point of contact with who we went through the planning of the day to make sure everything would go well. The aftercare was also well arranged.”