FAQ KIT community

Opening hours of the KIT Building

KIT Building
Monday to Friday 7:00 AM to 9:30 PM. For access to the building outside of these hours, you can make an appointment with Security via Assist@KIT.nl.

Assist@KIT Service Desk / Security

Monday to Sunday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM 
e-mail: Assist@KIT.nl 
tel: +3120 568 8379

Reception Lantern Entrance

Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 6.00 PM 
tel: +3120 568 8711

Frequently asked questions

  • Wi-Fi for guests

    The credentials for guests are:
    Wi-Fi Network: KIT-BYOD
    Username: kit-guests
    Password: SDG2017@kit

  • Visitors

    Your visitors are kindly requested to report either at Reception Lantern Entrance or at the Service Desk/Security, where you can pick them up. When necessary, Assist@KIT and/or Security is able to provide an access card.

    Notifying Assist@KIT in advance of expected visitors (not obligatory) and/or specific wishes: please send an email to Assist@KIT.

  • Questions about the Community Platform

    We are an action-oriented and partnership-driven community growing solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals.


    The community platform provides a tool for residents and members of the SDG House to share their work and events, connect and collaborate both offline and online, and to be part of a lively community. Besides the possibility to look for organisations and team members through the community platform, the community building sessions provides a list of organisations in the building and a list of contact persons per organisation .

    *list updated November 2017

  • Parking – cars

    You may request a (paid) parking space through www.mobypark.com. Indication of a license plate number is obliged. Are you entitled to a parking space: send an email to Assist@KIT.

  • Malfunctions

    Malfunctions in the pantries: please send an email to Assist@KIT.nl or call +3120 568 8379, stating the location. The location’s number can be found on the coffee machine.

    You can also contact Assist@KIT for other requests such as malfunctions and repairs, renovations, cleaning, removals etc.

  • Lost and found

    If you have lost something, please send an email to Assist@KIT or call +3120 568 8379. Objects found on the KIT-premises can be handed over to Reception at Lantern Entrance or to the Service Desk.

  • Access card – missing

    If you have lost your access card (lost, stolen or otherwise), please report this at once by calling Assist@KIT (+3120 568 8379). Your access card will be blocked immediately, to prevent misuse by unauthorised people. To temporarily replace the access card, it is possible to pick up a day pass at the Reception or security lodge. If after two weeks your access card has not been found, you will need to get a replacement card.

  • Access card – authorisation

    Different authorisations can be assigned to an access card. This means that with your access card some doors can be opened and others cannot. In general, you can open most doors inside the restricted area of KIT-buildings with your access card. Authorisations for the rented parts of the KIT premises and the depots of the museum are restricted to specific groups.

    Authorisation for the Museum: KIT employees and tenants can only enter the Museum through its main entrance. It is not possible to take a shortcut through the building. The access-controlled doors to the museum on the first and second floor are authorised for museum employees only.

  • Access card – new employee

    All KIT employees and residents will receive an access card at the start of employment. The secretariat or the manager of the (new) employee’s department will notify Security. KIT employees can do so via Intranet.