Changes OKP-eligible countries and country focus

Frequently asked question

The Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) regulations have changed.

OKP eligible countries

The countries eligible for an OKP scholarship have changed. There is a new list of OKP countries which differs from the list from last year.
If you are from one of the OKP countries we encourage  you to apply for academic admission to KIT Royal Tropical Institute as soon as possible.

OKP Country List 

OKP country focus

Nuffic has established a OKP country focus in cooperation with the Netherlands Embassies in OKP eligible countries. Quite a number of 52 OKP countries do not have health or SRHR as a priority. Read the suggestions below carefully:

  • Read carefully the country priorities that were published by Nuffic. When filling in your employer statement make sure that it links as much as possible to the priorities set by the embassy in your country. This will give you a higher chance of winning the scholarship.
  • You could ask your employer to not only tick the box on ‘SRHR’ of ‘Health’ but also of other relevant boxes that link to the country priorities.
  • Also in your own motivation letter try to link to the country priorities.
  • If your country has no focus on Health at all as described in the country focus document, please go ahead and do submit your OKP application. In your motivation you can try to link to the country priorities…Be creative! During the last OKP registration period, quite some OKP scholarships to study at KIT were allocated to applicants from countries with no official health focus.