Courses starting September 2020:

Frequently asked question

  • Master of Public Health
  • Master of International Health
  • Netherlands Course on Global Health and Tropical Medicine

We do not know yet how the situation will be by September 2020 and we are at the moment working on plans and scenarios on how the masters programmes and NTC course can start in September. Because we want to herewith assure you that the above mentioned programmes will for sure start in September 2020.

At the moment we are looking into different scenarios: It may be that the first modules of the course start as online courses and later in autumn continue in Amsterdam as face-to-face classes. It may also be possible that the situation in the Netherlands will have improved so much that classroom face-to-face training is possible again, but that students from other parts of the world are still facing travel restrictions. In that case it will be possible to join the class via online tools until people can travel again.

KIT will follow up and adhere to the guidelines of Dutch authorities, the Dutch National Institute for Public Health (RIVM) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). In case face-to-face classes can take place again at our premises in Amsterdam KIT will adhere very closely to guidelines on distance, sanitary measures and more.

All applicants will be informed as soon as possible about the practicalities around the start of the academic year 2020-2021. In addition this page will be updated as soon as we know more.

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