For which of KIT Master’s programmes and short courses can I apply for an OKP scholarship?

Frequently asked question

Masters programmes

Round 1: OKP Application for Masters Programmes deadline February-March
OKP scholarships are available for the following master programmes:

Application period is usually in Winter: February-March. Check the course webppages for exact application deadlines.

OKP scholarships are not yet available for the Master of International Health (MIH)

Short courses

OKP fellowships are available for the following short courses at KIT:
The following application periods probably apply. Check the link to each course for most up to date application deadlines.

Round 1: OKP Application deadline February-March
for courses in Summer

Round 2: OKP Application deadline May- June
For courses in Winter of next year

Round 3: OKP Application deadline September-October
For courses in Spring of next year