From Beriberi To Obesity – 100 years of the Eijkman Medal Foundation

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The Eijkman Medal Foundation was established on the 1st of October 1923 and has awarded 55 medals since then. In 1929, Professor Eijkman received the Nobel Prize for his pioneering work on Beriberi, a disease caused by thiamine deficiency, and demonstrated the importance of vitamins for health. Today, we want to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the foundation and the role of the Netherlands in global health research with a short symposium addressing how the world has changed since Eijkman. It has shifted from malnutrition and a focus on infectious diseases in LMIC to the need to consider a broader spectrum of diseases and the emerging challenge of overnutrition.


  • Prof. Teun Bousema, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre

  • Dr. Bryan Gonzales, Ghent University

  • Dr. Marinka van der Hoeven, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam