How do I gain academic admission to a master’s programme?

Frequently asked question

The academic application has to be received by KIT at the latest 1 month before the OKP application deadline.

OKP deadlines are planned for:
3 February – 23 March 2021
12 May – 29 June 2021
1 September – 12 October 2021

You are advised to start the course application procedure as early as possible.

KIT assesses the application and decides whether or not the applicant’s educational background and other experience meet programme requirements:

  • KIT will inform applicants of its decision within 1 month of receiving the application.
  • Successful candidates receive a letter indicating that they have been conditionally admitted providing they have suitable funding.
  • Candidates are eligible for a OKP scholarship only if they have been admitted to the the course and comply with all the scholarship criteria. A link to DELTA where you can apply for OKP will be send to you on the day the application period for OKP opens.