How to scale up novel health interventions? An emerging field

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The purpose of this symposium is to inform participants about the emerging field of scaling up health innovations through the presentation of case studies and sharing of experiences, addressing the multiple dimensions of the scale-up process. Case studies will address the process of scaling up of a psychological intervention for refugees, of tuberculosis care interventions and of district health management strengthening interventions. Participants will be engaged through a discussion/debate about the barriers and enablers of scaling-up health interventions in complex systems and contexts. Provocative statements will be discussed in small groups. Finally, the speakers will summarise the session and key lessons learned from the debate (e.g. complexity of scaling up, how to plan for scale up, systems perspective).


  • Aniek Woodward, KIT Royal Tropical Institute, Research Associate

  • Esmée Hessel, KIT Royal Tropical Institute

  • Mirjam Bakker, KIT Royal Tropical Institute, Health Advisor

  • Egbert Sondorp, KIT Royal Tropical Institute

  • Beatrice Kirubi

  • Dr. Stephen John, Founder, Janna Health Foundation, Nigeria