If I come to KIT for a course, what measures is KIT taking in the building to prevent transmission of the Coronavirus?

Frequently asked question

KIT is closely adhering to the instructions from Dutch authorities.
If face to face teaching is allowed then we fully adhere to all the regulations from the Dutch government and RIVM.
From end December 2020 until end March 2021 all classes took place online.
When face-to-face teaching is possible, KIT is taking the necessary measures w.r.t. distance, sanitary measures and more. Classes are given in smaller groups if needed to maintain the 1,5 distance.
Upcoming courses will only take place at KIT if the situation allows and if it does not pose any risk with regard to continuing the transmission of the coronavirus. We will at that point see what the preventive measures are to have a safe learning environment.
We will keep registered course participants informed about the status of the course for which they are registered.

KIT will continue to adapt its policies in line with control measures and recommendations defined by Dutch authorities.