I’m a TropEd student at another institute and I would like to apply for a course at KIT Amsterdam. How can I apply?

Frequently asked question

KIT works with an online application system. Therefore we would like to ask you to register and apply online. Because you are already registered at another TropEd home institute, it is not required to upload all your transcripts and reference letters in our online application system.

We kindly request you to register online, fill in the application form of the specific course you would like to apply for and upload only your CV and a short motivation letter in which you mention that you are a MIH/TropEd student and the name of your home institute.

The online application system will only register your application as 100% complete when all required documents are attached. Therefore we would like to ask you to send us a separate e-mail after your registration/application. We will than consider your incomplete application as complete and send it to the admission board.

For any further correspondence please refer to your personal application file number.