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Knowlegde defined as skills, educations or experience is ‘Power’! This power is multidimensional and multifunctional and can be used to assimilate or to empower others, create self-esteem and confidence and trust. It can also be used to solve the simplest to the most complex issues. Knowledge is coveted and always serve a cause. The language and vocabulary used to transfer this knowledge reveal the intentions and the mindsets of it source. 

In this session, Nuffic will provide a space for peers in two cities (Amsterdam and Beirut) to engage with one another to learn, understand and define the power of local knowledge to strengthen equal partnerships (in the field of knowledge cooperation), and to understand how local knowledge contributes to global development.

The dialogue will take place in two steps:

Local session
Different dialogues will take place in Amsterdam and Beirut. Key messages from the dialogues will be illustrated in the form of cartoons or caricatures. The debate will be convened by Nuffic representatives.
Estimated time: 55 min.

Internationally connected online session
The internationally connected session will bring the two countries and Prof Alan Fowler together online. Convenors of each country will share the outcome of their respective sessions supported by cartoons. Alan Fowler will be listening to the outcome of different convenors and will have an additional conversation with Roos Hogenkamp, Manager Global at Nuffic.

During his contribution, Alan will summarise the lessons learned of the outcome of each session. He will especially look at the languages and signs that block equal partnership in the field of knowledge cooperation. He will inspire new ideas that could lead to successful innovations to forge promising and equal partnerships.

Estimated time: 20 min


Offline dialogues in two different cities

This session will be held simultaneously in all three locations.

Convenors parallel dialogues:

Amsterdam: Joseph Seh, coordinator External Relations
and knowledge partner, Nuffic
Beirut: Gemma Bennink, Senior Programme Manager

▪ Beirut: Mathilda Al Feghali (to be confirmed)
▪ Amsterdam: Mark de Koning

Internationally connected online session – Amsterdam:
▪ Roos Hogenkamp, Manager Global, Nuffic
▪ Keynote speaker: Prof Alan F Fowler, “Pracademic” Honorary Professor Chair in African Philanthropy, Wits Business School, Professor Emeritus, International Institute of Social Studies http://www.alanfowler.org/