MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP)

Frequently asked question

The MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP) aims to build bridges through knowledge by offering opportunities for capacity building within organisations in the Middle East and North Africa. We are pleased that 3 KIT courses are eligible for this scholarship in round February 2023.

Eligible courses:• Monitoring and Evalution in a Dynamic Health Environment (M&F)
• Suivi et Evaluation de la sante dans un contexte dynamique (S&E) (en francais)
• Analysing Disrupted Health Systems (ADHS)
Countries:Algeria • Egypt • Iran • Iraq • Jordan • Lebanon • Libya • Morocco • Syria • Oman • Tunisia • Sudan • Mauritania
(Syria: Syrians can apply for a scholarship if they are living and working in one of the other countries listed above)
More information:Details on the MENA MSP scholarship differ per country. Please visit the Nuffic website and click on your country to find all details per country. Here you will also find instructions on extra forms you have to prepare. We advise you to start up this process already as it may take some time.
The application process for the scholarship is the same as for the OKP scholarship. You have to apply for academic admission to KIT first, if you are admitted you will receive a link to a link to Delta, the online system, where you can apply.
Nuffic website: MENA scholarship (MSP)
Please note that this page is not yet up to date and eligible KIT courses are not yet included.
Information en francais:Unfortunately there is no separate information on this scholarship in French.
Application deadlines:Scholarship application period: 8 February – 31 March 2023
Academic application deadline: 28 February 2023