Multiple dimensions of knowledge & power in Ethiopia – Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

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Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation


Ethiopia has a long-established agricultural knowledge network with knowledge being generated in research institutes and scaled out to the regions and users through an extension system. The knowledge landscape and flow and use of knowledge is top-down. Many research and development projects are dependent on outside financing, including bilateral and world bank funding. These externally funded projects have their own agenda and impacted the continuity and sustainability of knowledge management and institutional partnership.

In the Ethiopia Wageningen partner projects, we are transitioning to bottom-up planning, ownership within the various administrative levels of the Ethiopian governance structure and engaging universities as equal research partners.

The challenges and the power dynamics of the transition trajectories will be discussed in this dialogue session.


  • Irene Koomen (Dr.), organizer
  • Dawit Alemu (Dr.), speaker
  • Tewodros Tafere (Dr), speaker
  • Mohammed Hassena (Dr.), Speaker