Piloting a digital mental health solution in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

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The Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) are a complex and volatile region with a history of conflict and instability. The population is at a higher risk of developing mental health disorders due to continuous exposure to violence, displacement, and other limitations on opportunities. The Inuka method digitally connects clients to a certified lay coach for text-based sessions to identify their challenges and find solutions.

This is the first time that this type of therapy is being evaluated in this setting. The study aims to evaluate the Inuka intervention on self-reported mental health conditions at baseline, after completion of the sessions, and at 3 months follow-up, and to understand the acceptability of the intervention by users. Recruitment of the 100 participants for the pilot has started as of August 2023.

The platform was promoted through influencer posts on social media, brochures, and word of mouth as among the promotional methods. The platform was promoted through influencer posts on social media, as well as through brochures and word of mouth, as part of our promotional methods.

The pilot study intends to showcase how a digital tool can improve mental health in highly volatile contexts such as the OPT. Users’ experiences will provide information for future amendments to the app and allow for contextualization. If this pilot proves the intervention to be effective, a randomized controlled trial will be implemented.


Chantale Lakis, Advisor and Epidemiologist at KIT