The Ethical Pathways for Equitable Knowledge Partnerships – IIED

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This workshop will create a space for participants to explore the barriers and pathways to establish equitable and ethical knowledge partnerships in an unequal world.

Knowledge partnerships are contingent on the effects of inequality expressed by differentials of power and resources. Gender inequalities, social injustice, colonial legacies, racism, and other social ills permeate the space of knowledge creation. Building on IIED’s interest on rethinking research and development approaches from a decolonization perspective, IIED is undertaking research on the ethical dimensions of partnerships. The ongoing research involves a process of documenting decolonial approaches and frameworks from other organizations active in international development, identifying progressive policies and donor initiatives, and analyzing IIED’s own decision-making and expressions of power from a decolonial, racial and gender justice framing.

The workshop will be an opportunity for cross-learning among participants and will have an interactive format with two segments.

In the introductory segment, speakers will discuss the most prevalent institutional barriers and share principles and pathways for equitable partnerships. During this segment, IIED will share initial findings from its ongoing research.

The second segment of the workshop will use the research cycle as an entry point for discussion to engage participants in a facilitated dialogue to identify barriers, principles, and best practices to establish ethical knowledge partnerships at different stages of the research cycle.
The expected outcome of the workshop is to collectively identify and document practices that have enable organisations to institutionalise change, and address inequality and colonial legacies in funding, research, and development practice.


  • Tracy Kajumba – Principal Researcher and Team Leader, Strengthening Partnerships
  • Partner speakers – TBC