What happens if a course is cancelled due to the coronavirus? Will I get a refund?

Frequently asked question

If a course cannot run as a face-to-face course due to the coronavirus situation we will look into the following options:

  • If it is possible the course will be given via virtual learning. In this case all registred participants will be offered the possibility to follow the course online via e-learning. We will do this through a combination of live presentations using virtual platforms and self-paced activities to be done at home. Interaction is very much part of KIT’s teaching methods. KIT will only run courses virtually provided that we can offer a highly participative course. See specific information per course below.
  • In certain circumstances, participants may discuss with KIT the possibility to delay their participation to next year (maintaining the course fee from this year). Another option is to decide to follow another course offered by KIT.
  • If none of the above options are possible you will be reimbursed for the course fee.