What if I get sick after I arrive in The Netherlands?

Frequently asked question

All international students who study at KIT in the Netherlands are required to have a medical insurance. KIT will arrange this with AON. This insurance covers the moment of your departure from your home country, until your return.

If you would experience symptoms of a cold or flu, such as a nose cold, sore throat or light cough, the rules in the Netherlands are to stay at home, and to get a corona test. Between the moment of testing and getting the results you have to avoid all social contact in order not to accidently spread the disease. See detailed information below:


In case the symptoms worsen (a fever of more than 38 Celsius and difficulty breathing) and you require medical assistance, you should contact a doctor (GP) by phone.

For newly arrived students, your contact person at KIT Course Administration Office can assist with contacting a GP. For more information about personal health and the coronavirus, please see the recommendations released by the Government of The Netherlands.