What is the difference between the Master of Public Health(MPH/ICHD) and the Master in International Health (MIH)?

Frequently asked question

We have two different Master courses:

The Master in International Health (MIH) receives mainly people with medical or paramedical background education (doctors, nurses, midwifes, pharmacists, etc.). In some cases exceptions can be made if there is relevant professional experience and if the applicant is fully aware of the challenges he/she will face while following a course with a strong clinical focus. Please be aware that the MIH programme is intense and demanding. Some experience in reading and writing academic papers is highly recommended.

The ICHD program (Master of Public Health-International Course in Health Development ) – on the other hand – accepts professionals with and without medical background education. This master in public health program basically aims for applicants with substantial professional experience in the health sector. This is a 1-year fulltime program.

Download: Info difference MIH and MPH-ICHD  for an explanation about the difference between MIH and MPH/ICHD.