Oversight and insight – A conversation about equity and power dynamics in knowledge networks – KPSRL, Share-Net, INCLUDE

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Host Organisations:

Knowledge platforms: Share-Net International (SNI),
INCLUDE, Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law (KPSRL)


In 2011, the Dutch government subscribed to the importance of knowledge brokering by calling for the establishment of knowledge platforms aiming to improve institutional capacity to absorb and utilise expertise and knowledge in international development.

Knowledge networks bring together individuals and teams, often across organizational, spatial and disciplinary boundaries, to generate, share and apply knowledge. There exists a variety of practices how knowledge networks are led and organised, what is the distribution of roles and responsibilities and the level of supervision and management as well as how they uphold principles of fairness, accountability, transparency and participation.

Together with representatives from three Dutch knowledge networks and an international thought leader on knowledge management, participants will engage in a (self-)reflective workshop. To start with, this 90-minutes session addresses the question to what extent equitable practices within knowledge networks differ from other partnerships in international development.

We will also unpack diverse management cultures and governance experiences among SNI, INCLUDE and KPSRL, touching upon good practices and reflecting on blockers when linking research, policy and practice in domains such as sexual and reproductive health and rights, inclusive development, and security and rule of law.

Hereinafter, participants will be invited to join the networks in co-creating bold ideas and formulating recommendations to improve knowledge management processes through equitable and inclusive governance. Linking the emerging achievements, challenges and recommendations from the session with global trends and evidence around equitable knowledge management, Gladys Kemboi will wrap up the session with her closing remarks.

Panellists and Facilitator

  • Dorine Thomissen (Share-Net International coordinator)
  • Anika Altaf (Coordinator INCLUDE Knowledge Platform)
  • Messina Laurette Manirakiza (Programming Officer at Secretariat Knowledge Platform for Security & Rule of Law)
  • Gladys Kemboi (Knowledge Management Advisor)
  • Hannah Kabelka (SRHR advisor at KIT)