Barra Renita


My name is Barra Renita and I am from Indonesia. I studied Bachelor of Midwifery and was working as a midwife in a Primary Health Care in Bandung. My main duties were working in the delivery room, providing health care in a community-based clinics for children under the age of five and pregnant women, and a program for screening and monitoring Non-Communicable Diseases. Parallel to these tasks, I was the program coordinator for HIV/AIDS in Primary Health Care.

Importance of governance and health policies and services

My public health related tasks made me realize the importance of governance and health policies as well as the implementation of health services. The health development in Bandung city is very complex. There is a lack of awareness of pregnant women to check their health during pregnancy, so often early diagnosis is missed which then leads to serious problems in the next phase. Often women only ask for medical help as they begin to give birth.

Bandung has the highest number of HIV cases in West Java. There is not enough knowledge of HIV prevention methods, and HIV testing of pregnant women to prevent transmission of HIV to infant should be done.

Focus on strengthening the health system

After completing my Master in International health, I want to focus on strengthening the health system in Indonesia at the base level. I would like to implement tools to monitor and evaluate existing programs in Primary Health Care and improve them. My long-term goal is to tackle maternal and child mortality and morbidity. I belief in the huge potential of communities themselves. By putting them in priority and maintain a collaborative relation, we can improve their quality of life.

My educational pursuit would not be possible without the generous support from KIT Scholarship Fund. Thank you for enabling me to pursue my dreams.