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Nana Abuelsoud


My name is Nana, and I am a feminist researcher from Egypt. I focus on population policies, population control programming, and reproductive freedoms in relation to the socio-economic status of people.

Egypt’s Challenges in Data Availability and Service Fragmentation

There is a habitual delay in making datasets available; this contributes to the scatterings of datasets. There is also a challenge with the fragmentation of services that get socialized and introduced as governmental initiatives instead of a key part of the public health system.

Tools and Knowledge Resources Quintessential for Public Health Advocates

Over the years, I have been working at national and global policy-making levels, and it is time for me to pause and synthesise diverse insights and field observations, and develop the resources and tools to delve into the research questions that have accompanied me over time. The KIT Master in Public Health programme provides tools and knowledge resources, such as statistics and epidemiology, and organising effective national responses that are quintessential for public health advocates.

Vision for Universal Health Access

I dream of universal access to health and sexual and reproductive health services for people, irrespective of their age, citizenship status, gender, sexual orientation, and socio-economic standing.

Nana Abuelsoud