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Ramy Abdalrahman


I am an experienced Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Officer at the Sudan Federal Ministry of Health, with a background in pharmacy. I actively participate in policy and planning processes alongside other technical stakeholders and partners.

The Fragility of Sudan's Health System

The Sudanese health system is a fragile system, not able to withstand health stressors, absorb shocks, or combat outbreaks and health emergencies. The most challenging factor affecting the health system’s performance is the extreme shortage of human resource capacity. The recent outbreak of war and armed conflict in Sudan has had a catastrophic effect on the healthcare landscape, significantly depleting the available workforce, jeopardizing the functionality of the health system, especially in areas directly affected by the fighting.

A Comprehensive Curriculum in Public Health

The Master of Public Health programme at KIT Royal Tropical Institute offers a comprehensive curriculum in public health, encompassing critical areas such as health policy analysis, health systems strengthening, and crisis management.

I aspire to acquire the expertise necessary to develop and implement robust policies that can mitigate the adverse effects of conflict on healthcare systems, ensuring the provision of essential services to vulnerable populations.

Ramy Abdalrahman

Through the programme, I aim to enhance my skills in workforce planning, retention strategies, and capacity building, empowering me to contribute meaningfully to real-world application through fieldwork and the resilience and sustainability of the Sudanese health system.