‘Fighting TB with Music’, podcast by Stats+Stories


Have you ever attended a pop concert where you also had the chance to screen for Tuberculosis? 

If you were at one of Ugandan popstar Bebe Cool’s pre-pandemic concerts, you might have had the opportunity to get yourself screened for TB. 

He provided screening trucks for people attending his performances while working with Stop TB Partnership’s TB REACH programme, that KIT is also working on. His innovative approach to raising awareness of this disease, like these screenings, also provided valuable data that the national TB control programmes could use. 

In this podcast, ‘Fighting TB with Music’ by Stats+Stories, our colleague Sandra Alba and TB Partnership’s Amera Khan discuss this collaboration and Bebe Cool’s well-thought-out, tailored approach.  

At the end of the day science and music are not all that different. We all just want to make people’s lives a little bit better. 

Listen to the podcast at Stats + Stories or below: