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Scholarship opportunities from KIT Fund

KIT Fund offers scholarships to talented health professionals from low-income countries to study a Master’s programme at KIT Royal Tropical Institute. The aim being that with what they learn they will contribute to improving the health care situation in their country and/or around the world.

KIT alumni return after their studies and work on improving health care at all levels. They work in local and international organisations working on prevention and health systems strengthening, fighting against epidemics such as Covid-19, Ebola, malaria, HIV, and also improving maternal health and child care. In addition, they also pass on their knowledge within local organisations and work at ministries as policymakers and managers. Therefore a study program of one masters student can make a difference to the health of thousands of people.

KIT Fund aims to contribute to that by offering scholarships to health professionals from low income countries who have few other scholarship opportunities.

Scholarships thanks to donations

KIT Fund is able to offer scholarships thanks to the donations and financial support from different organisations, foundations, alumni, donors. Every year we have to see how much funding we have to offer as scholarships. We usually offer partial scholarships (which means that participants have to find additional funding themselves), and if finances allow a few full scholarships. Full scholarships are often only for certain countries or on certain topics (in line with preferences with funding organisations).

Scholarship opportunities from KIT Fund

date update 15 December 2024:

Partial Scholarship Academic year 2024-2025

We are happy to be able to offer a number of partial scholarships for the Master of Public Health and Health Equity for academic year 2024-2025. The scholarship is for applicants from low and middle income countries. The scholarship covers the tuition fee, and applicants need to have other funding to cover the remaining costs.

Application period: 15 January – 15 March 2024

Visit our partial scholarship page for all details.

More opportunities

If any other opportunities come, we will add them here. We advise people to already get academic admission. Please keep a close look to this page for updates!

We hope to be able to offer extra scholarships. In that case we will announce them as soon as possible. They will however be for specific regions, thematic focus areas (for example Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Gender based violence) or certain regions.

At this moment KIT Fund only has scholarships for Master’s programmes, not for short courses.

More about KIT Fund and its aims

If you are interested in this opportunity please read carefully the Rules and Regulations of KIT Fund: Rules and Regulations KIT Scholarship Fund