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Neys-van Hoogstraten fonds

Research grants for Master Students for field work

The Neys van-Hoogstraten Fonds provides research grants for Master Students to do fieldwork as part of their thesis. The research focuses on social, economic and cultural aspects of food security and nutrition in South- and South-East Asia.

The main objective of the Neys-van Hoogstraten Foundation is to strengthen and stimulate socio-economic research in the field of household budgets, family nutrition, and food and nutrition security in Indonesia and other (Southeast) Asian countries. By providing financial support for research in these fields, the Neys-van Hoogstraten Foundation aims at enhancing the quality and quantity of research on the topics listed above. The Neys-van Hoogstraten Foundation also makes available fellowships for research by master students.

The grants are meant to fund field work for research that is relevant to policy, contributes to the improvement of the position of vulnerable groups and households in (one of the) selected countries, the distribution of results of such research and the activities that are connected to this.


  • The research focuses on social, economic and cultural aspects of food security and nutrition in one of the focus countries.
  • A gender lens is being applied in the research project.
  • The research takes place in one of the following countries: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste, Vietnam.

The grant

Eligible costs are:

  • International travel and accommodation for fieldwork
  • Data collection: travel costs, daily subsistence/payment of interviewers, salary and travel costs of research assistant
  • Data analysis: costs for laboratory research, statistical support
  • Dissemination of research after successfully concluding the research: costs of a local seminar with stakeholders, possibly contribution to publication in an international journal and/or contribution to participating in an (inter)national conference

Who can apply

Students currently enrolled in KIT’s Master programmes or Master/PhD students working with KIT on research at a partner institute based in one of the countries mentioned above.

How to apply

Please contact the KIT fund team via