At KIT Royal Tropical Institute, our gender specialists help you make sense of gender for your organisation and development programmes. Together, we maximise the impact of your gender interventions and bring positive and equitable change to people’s everyday lives.

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Our approach is practical and grounded in knowledge

KIT’s team of gender specialists work on individual programmes to enhance women’s empowerment and rights. The team also helps design ways to include equal rights and opportunities for men and women in longer-term agriculture, finance and health initiatives and organisations. Drawing on 25 years of diverse experience in gender work in international development, we bring solid gender expertise to development problems. Our team includes specialists in gender equality, women’s rights and empowerment, agriculture and natural resource management, financial inclusion and health. In addition to our gender expertise, we bring rich experience in organisational change management, capacity development and learning, knowledge management and applied research.

We leave no one behind

Achieving gender equality and realising women and girls’ empowerment and rights are critical elements of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDG 5 is central to our work, and gender also features strongly as a theme cutting across all other SDGs. Our work is strongly inspired by and seeks to contribute to the Leaving No One Behind agenda. This agenda calls for deeper understanding and more efforts to contribute to meaningful change for groups that are currently invisible or excluded. This requires an intentional focus on women and girls, and on the marginalized and excluded groups among them.

To this end, we offer a range of services to support organisations in making sense of gender across programmes, projects and institutionally. Key to our approach is to think and act together with you to create a space that stimulates critical reflection and applied learning. Our work is tailor-made to your organisation and sector.

Our services

  • At KIT, we facilitate and engage in gender analysis and critical reflection on gender-specific themes. These include empowerment, leadership, gender transformative change, and women and girls’ rights. We also focus on gender integration in a variety of sectors.
  • Our team supports the development of gender policies and strategies, grounded in organisational gender assessments or gender audits. 
  • We advise and support technical specialists and management in figuring out what gender equality and empowerment mean for their work and in all aspects of the organisation. 
  • Our specialists engage in and facilitate organisational and individual capacity building, training and coaching, mostly in medium- to long-term trajectories. Our gender training and coaching uses an adult-learning approach and is tailored to the specific sectors/fields of the partner.  
  • We also conduct and facilitate applied and action research grounded in sound gender analysis, and as such, with our partners, generate and strengthen gender knowledge. 
  • Finally, we develop, test and use sound measures of gender equality and women and girls’ empowerment. Preferably, this takes place by combining quantitative techniques and participatory approaches.

Our Brochure

Gender & Agriculture

At KIT Royal Tropical Institute we combine expertise in gender and agriculture to address gender-based inequalities in the agricultural sector.

We also look specifically at the men and women ‘left behind’ in agricultural development research, policy and practice. Capacity building is integral to our approach to gender equality.

Gender Equality and Social Justice

At KIT Royal Tropical Institute, we are dedicated to the realisation of gender equality and social justice. 

Financial Inclusion

At KIT Royal Tropical Institute we promote financial inclusion in both the private and public sectors.

We support development finance institutions, commercial banks, funds, and impact investors to shape their offerings and value proposition for women, youth and smallholders.