KIT Publication: Politics of the Possible (2006)

About us

There is now consensus among development actors – whether governmental, non-governmental or donors – on the importance of integrating gender issues in policy and practice. However, there remains a gap between these intentions and the actual practice of integrating gender and achieving equal rights for women and men. Development actors struggle with what gender might mean for them or how a gender approach could support real change in people’s everyday lives.

International team

KIT Gender is an international team of gender specialists that focuses on gender and rights analysis, integration, capacity development and action research. We work on both stand-alone women’s rights initiatives and addressing gender and rights issues within programs related to health, and social and economic development.

KIT Gender facilitates and documents critical reflection and gender knowledge development. It supports the development of policies and strategies that focus on gender equality outcomes together with partners and clients. We advise and support management to address gender concerns in all aspects of their organisation. KIT Gender also conducts independent evaluations and assessments such as gender audits.

Strong network

Over the last 20 years, KIT Gender has built a strong network of Southern-based organizations and experts to work with. Partners appreciate KIT’s practical grounded approach and theoretically based knowledge on gender and rights. Together, we help you make sense of gender for your organization and programmes to bring positive and equitable change in people’s everyday lives .