Jijiga Refugee Camp (Ethiopia)


Gender knowledge

“There is nothing more practical than a good theory” (Lewin, 1952: 169)

KIT Gender’s knowledge work makes the evolving debates around gender accessible, so others can critically examine their own thinking and practice.

We facilitate opportunities for researchers and practitioners to critically engage with and reflect upon the state of gender knowledge in development. By doing so, we are…

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Gender mainstreaming

Gender mainstreaming has been a central pillar of development work for the last 20 years. Development agencies have had varying degrees of success in their efforts to equalise the gender balance.

Since 2007 KIT has been involved in dialogue with development activists about effective approaches to gender mainstreaming.

A fresh approach to mainstreaming

KIT aims to connect…

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Gender, rights and development

The main framework guiding all our work is the Gender, Rights and Development approach developed by KIT Gender in collaboration with leading southern and northern organisations in the field of gender and development and women’s rights. While several strands of thought and practice have been brought together in its development, this framework draws on…

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