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The State of African Women

Status: On-going

Duration: April 2017 – March 2020

As part of the consortium campaign to contribute to realising and extending the rights of women and girls in the African continent, KIT led a research team to develop the...

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Gender Knowledges: understandings of gender in CIMMYT Agriculture Research for Development

Status: Completed

Duration: 18 months (January 2015 to June 2016)

This study captured and analyse existing knowledge and experience in CRP MAIZE on the integration of gender concerns in maize research to provide an evidence base for gender-aware research and...

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Gender Capacity Development Program

Status: Current

Duration: 18 months

The CIMMYT Gender Capacity Development Programme is intended to shape CIMMYT into a gender-responsive research and learning institution that understands how to identify and equip staff with the appropriate skills...

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BRAC Gender Training Review



The review covered 10 years of BRAC gender training that covered some 25,000 staff in order to recommend changes in its training programme as part of BRAC’s new programme strategy...

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