Gender analysis training for Gendernet (Denmark)

Policy and strategy development

KIT Gender provides advisory and facilitation services to develop gender policies and strategies. Our work helps organisations and programmes:

  • define and establish gender equality policies and strategies to enable gender mainstreaming
  • develop and undertake organisational change strategies
  • monitor and document processes to make organisations and programmes more gender equitable

KIT Gender’s approach to gender mainstreaming is based on the understanding that it is not only about embedding gender concerns in policies and programmes. It is equally important to address gender issues within the organisations that run them. This requires gender policy and strategy frameworks to guide both organisations and programmes, for which they are held accountable.

Our gender policy and strategy development work entails analysis of the conditions for gender mainstreaming (such as a gender audit) followed by organisation development (such as establishing gender infrastructure including internal gender support) and capacity strengthening to allow staff and partners to put policies and strategies into practice (such as on-site gender training or coaching from distance).

Recognising and addressing the gendered dimension of policy and programme work is challenging and changing organisational practices takes time and commitment. Despite these challenges, KIT Gender has witnessed and participated in significant organisational change processes that have not only contributed to increased impact for poor women and men, but have also energised and strengthened organisations, partnerships and individual staff.