Feminist Strategy Workshop (Bangladesh)

Programme development

KIT Gender works with programme teams to develop gender- and rights-aware practice. Our work helps staff to:

  • critically reflect on and review their programmes from a gender and rights perspective
  • refocus existing work to be gender- and rights-aware
  • develop new programmes that contribute to rights realisation of women and other marginal groups

Gender and rights aware

Through training, collaborative analysis, and ongoing dialogue and coaching, KIT Gender facilitates the design of gender- and rights-aware programme practice that is sensitive to particular contexts. We work with project teams to refocus existing work by supporting review of current initiatives from a gender and rights perspective, which often includes development of gender-aware planning frameworks.

This, for example, can entail identifying existing relationships between citizens, service providers and decision makers and investigating how voice and accountability can be strengthened to promote improved programme practice. All of these measures ultimately increase impact for women and marginalised groups. KIT Gender’s collaborative approach to programme development significantly strengthens the capacity of programme teams to understand and address gender and rights issues such as of voice and accountability.