Research on Access to Justice for Women in Refugee Camp Kasulu (Tanzania)


KIT Gender – along with a network of southern and northern research partners – undertakes qualitative and quantitative research on gender and social justice issues. This research is intended to influence development policy and practice by:

  • enabling women to better understand their situation
  • supporting researchers to make sense of gender and social exclusion
  • helping organisations be aware of the socio-cultural dynamics of their work
  • informing the decisions of policy makers

Action research

Much of KIT Gender’s research is conducted collaboratively with southern partners. Together we investigate – from the perspective of the women themselves – the daily infringements of basic rights which many women face as a matter of course.

Areas of investigation include:

  • land rights
  • resource access
  • access to justice and legal representation
  • women’s political participation.

In recent years, KIT Gender’s action research programmes have animated women’s engagement, and produced and distributed information to help women realise their rights on a day-to-day basis.

In the course of these programmes a broad array of case-material has been collated from Africa and South Asia. Many KIT Gender publications are based our action research initiatives.