Training for Plan International ‘Gender and Rights Capacity Building Program’ (Kenya)

Training, coaching and mentoring

KIT Gender designs and delivers capacity development on gender, rights and development. Our work is tailored to the particular needs of our clients, but in general helps them to:

  • make sense of gender and rights knowledge and understand its implications for their work
  • better analyse their programmes and organisations from a gender and rights perspectives
  • support staff and partners’ learning by developing gender knowledge tools and other resources

KIT Gender capacity development is based on lessons learned from almost 20 experience including having one of the only English-language global residential gender training progammes offered in Europe, which we ran for ten years. The most important one is that stand-alone training seldom produces lasting change.

In order to meaningfully contribute to gender equality, capacity development should be embedded in a broader process of learning and change. All of KIT Gender’s long-term projects include a capacity development component to support gender equality issues being addressed on an ongoing basis.

The aims of KIT Gender training include:

  • enhancing awareness and understanding of the role and relevance of gender and rights in development
  • developing gender and rights analysis skills for the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes
  • providing practical gender-aware change strategies and tools.

Who our capacity development programmes are for

KIT Gender contributes to thinking and reflection upon the state of gender training on an ongoing basis through our publications on gender training and organising international meetings.

Our capacity development is geared towards development policy makers and practitioners working at different institutional levels with a diverse range of agencies such as women’s activist organisations, NGOs, research institutions, UN agencies and national governments.

The suite of offerings we have includes regional, context-specific training programs developed in partnership with organizations in the South, and capacity development activities that form part of longer-term projects or programmes.

In addition, KIT Gender offers online courses such as on Gender, Health and Rights for practitioners working in developing countries.