Gender audit for CGIAR Maize (Bangladesh)


Access to Justice

KIT Gender’s work on access to justice challenges the conventional approach that sees justice as being bounded by law and legal institutions. It expands the scope to explore how gender…

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Engendering education

Despite the success of the Second Millennium Development Goal, fewer girls then boys are entering secondary and tertiary education. KIT Gender’s research and capacity development aims to highlight, understand and…

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Gender, citizenship and governance

Current approaches to improving governance in order to obtain better development outcomes do not automatically incorporate a gender perspective. Nor are governance institutions always accountable to citizen’s voices. KIT Gender’s…

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Gender equity and value chain development

KIT supports companies and development organisations to analyse and improve the gender dimensions of their value chain activities, funding and programmes. Our aim is to support the creation of more equitable,…

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Gender, rights and health

This working theme promotes the to the right to health as an outcome, with a particular focus on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for women. Furthering SRHR internationally Health…

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Land, Food and Energy

Agriculture is in most developing economies the motor behind the national economy. Agricultural related work forms the largest source of jobs and the most important source of livelihoods for rural…

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