Global Health

KIT Royal Tropical Institute envisions a world where everyone can realise their full health potential. Health around the world is improving, but large groups of people are being left behind. Political instability, natural disasters and climate change also leave many more vulnerable to exclusion. Guided by the Sustainable Development Goals, we work to improve equity in global health. We focus on empowering people and strengthening health systems, with a particular focus on developing countries.

To improve access to quality health services, KIT partners with local and national governments and international organisations. We offer targeted advice, research and fresh insights based on a thorough understanding of each context. KIT’s multicultural health unit consists of more than 40 health care professionals with knowledge and experience of working in the poorest countries. 


Epidemiology, the study of population health – who will get ill, when, where, and why – provides the evidence base for public health decisions.